GK Maksimir

GK Maksimir is a club with the longest tradition of nourishing rhythmic gymnastics in Croatia, and also, with a great collection of accomplishments and trophies, the most successful one. It started with its work in 1965. as a section of the Society for Sport Recreation Maksimir. As a gymnastic society it was registered in December 12th,  1978.

Numerous and valuable members of the GK Maksimir have certainly, as gymnasts, coaches and judges,  marked the development of rhythmic gymnastics in Croatia during the past 50 years of their involvement in this beautiful sport.
Our club is a member of the Zagreb and Croatian Gymnastics Federation.

In the club around 150 girls train rhytmic gymnastisc in different programs.

What is rhytmic gymnastics?

It is a markedly feminine sport in which body movements and exercises with the apparatus are artistically combined with music to make up the unity in the beauty of performing.Rhythmic gymnastics is an Olympic sport in which the routines are performed with 5 categories of apparatus: rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon. The routines can be performed individually and in groups.

Through exercising we influence the girl’s development and improvement of series of motor skills (coordination, flexibility, strength, speed,agility). Through diversity and the richness of movement RG has a positive effect on the culture of the movement in general, on the rhythm and dance abilities, grace and beautiful posture.

In the school of rhytmic gymnastics we offer lessons of the basic program through groups:

  • preschoolers and early school age
    (from age 4 to 5) tuesday and thursday 17: 30 – 18: 30 in the sports hall of the XV Gymnasium
    (from age 6 to 2nd grade) tuesday and thursday 18:30 – 19: 30 in the sports hall of the XV Gymnasium
  • older school age children
    tuesday and thursday 19:30 – 20:30 in the sports hall of the XV Gymnasium

The competitive program consists of groups:

  • international program A
    (individual and group programs according to the prescribed categories)
  • national program B
    (individual according to the prescribed categories)

Trainings are held according to the schedule in the sports hall of the XV Gymnasium, Elementary school Ivana Filipovića and Elementary school Iver.

Contact person: Gordana Cimaš 0993539357

  • national program C
    (Group by specified categories)

Trainings are held at various locations according to the schedule: Elementary school Mate Lovraka, Elementary school Dugo Selo, Elementary school Sesvete, Elementary school Sesvetska Sela

Contact person: Julia Jankova 0912656111